We have the answers. 



 Check out our 'Menu' page or send us an email for a complimentary quote. Everything we do is 100% custom, so prices vary greatly depending on design, size, flowers etc.



 Of course, we deliver! Depending on location, a delivery fee will be required. Some items must be delivered due to their complexity and will incur a delivery/set-up fee. But hey, we're flexible!



I am allergic...

 Contact us if you have any allergy or dietary questions. In some cases, we can create vegan, nut-free or gluten-free items. Keep in mind that allergens do come in contact with our kitchen!



I can't decide...

 Don't worry! We can help you with style, size, design and flavour choices. It's our job. Plus, you can always send us pictures. Check out our Pinterest page for ideas!



Cake Tasting! Mmmm!

 Only cakes of a certain price point are eligible for a tasting. Please contact us for more information.